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DTK Molise.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Poison, Misogyny and Politics

On April 20th 2010 in the potholed outskirts of the Shina Bagrami area, eastern Kabul City, seven female school students, along with one teacher, from the local girls’ high school were taken to the Indira Gandhi Hospital after falling sick and losing consciousness.

After discussing with teachers who stated that the air did not seem “quite right” school authorities have undertaken an investigation into this unsettling event.  The school has since concluded that some form of poisonous powder had been sprayed into the air of the classrooms at the school, which had in turn been inhaled by the unsuspecting students. 

An official British analyst who reports on daily events in the country has stated that “Although not proven, this sort of misogynist incident does unfortunately ring true”. So goes another criminal event in the Afghan capital.  Not many countries have crime and criminals that are so indelibly rooted to the politics of the state but in Afghanistan this is par for the course.  

The actions of criminals are often inherently connected to those of the anti-government insurgency yet the victims remain patently similar to those in Western states: vulnerable, weak and effectively defenseless.  In Kabul poisoning, misogyny and politics unfortunately go hand in hand.

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