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DTK Molise.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Kabul City, 24-25 JUN 10.  It has been reported by the national police that insurgents stopped a vehicle carrying local civilians travelling along a busy road in the late afternoon of 24 Jun.  The men were then abducted.  The police service who were searching for the men found eleven beheaded bodies in a ditch close to a back lane in the countryside.  

The local Chief of Police has speculated that although these men had no link to the government or national security services, they may have been accused by insurgents of being spies as an intimidation measure against locals, due to the recent loss of a well known local insurgent commander in an ISAF raid.   

According to the latest information it has been indicated that all the murdered individuals were Hazaras and all came from a local village. According to prevailing understanding the insurgents in Afghanistan are invariably Pastun and generally hold the Hazaras in contempt.

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