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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Suspicious Activity - Reconnaissance for Future Attacks?

KABUL CITY, October 2010.  Two men were observed acting in a suspicious manner in an area surrounding a supermarket and restaurant popular with internationals and wealthy Kabulis in Wazir Akbar Khan.  The two men appeared to be conducting reconnaissance of the area around the two businesses, though the behaviour and dress of the two men made them stand out.  The men were seen exiting the supermarket with a bag of meat at 1220.  From there, the men walked to a Toyota Corolla and deposited the meat in the vehicle.  The men then spent approximately 20 minutes walking around the immediate area, in a manner that suggested they were mapping the side streets.  At 1240, the men entered the restaurant, though they were not seen to place an order for food.  At 1300, the men returned to the Toyota.  One of the men took the bag of meat and handed it to a female Afghan and then the men left the area in an unknown direction.  

In a separate incident two men were observed acting suspiciously in the area of a popular international hotel in the central Shar-E-Now district.  A blue Toyota Corolla with a driver and one passenger pulled into traffic behind a Private Security Company (PSC) Toyota Land Cruiser.  The passenger in the Corolla immediately pointed a video camera towards the Land Cruiser and appeared to be filming the vehicle.  The passenger put his video camera away when he realised that he had been seen by the PSC personnel in the Land Cruiser.  The driver of the blue Corolla took the next available turning in an apparent attempt to get away from the PSC vehicle.   It is likely that the men were conducting a form of crude surveillance against the PSC vehicle, possibly attempting to identify the way PSC personnel operate in the city.

According to international analysts these activities are to be regarded as being particularly suspicious given the recent increase in reporting regarding insurgents intent to carry out a VBIED or SVEST attacks in Kabul City Centre.  During October there has been an increased amount of suspicious activity reported, particularly in areas heavily frequented by foreigners.   


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